Serbian Coca-cola on Whatever Wednesday

There is a marketing ploy here in Serbia to boost sales. Coke bottles are labeled with names (first and last) fairly common job titles, and more! Like the word for nerds, Streberi. Which is also the name of the hit TV series The Big Bang Theory here in Serbia.

Streberi (The big bang theory)

Larger bottles are labeled with  names that suit larger amounts of people. Like the word for Family.


Today, I found my brother’s name… Funny, since I have never heard of a Serb named Tim. LOL

Then, as I discussed my brother’s name on the coke bottle and spelled it for her, she said, “Oh Team.” The letter “I” is a long “E” sound here in Serbia and I had forgotten that fact. No wonder it was on the BIG bottle not the small personal size. 🙂

I have just read they are doing this in other parts of Europe too. Mainly Eastern Europe. My friend in Lithuania said they did it there. Are they doing this in your neck of the woods as well?


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