Munchkin Tuesday Little Rock

Perfection~ an old Turkish style Serbian house. I am in LOVE!

Sunday we went to a friend’s village for a Slava. (One of those Big Thanksgiving type dinners that are related to a saint.) We went to a village I had only previously driven through before. Gore Kamenica or Upper Little Rock is the name of the town, like Little Rock, Arkansas. It reminds me of the country song, “RockyTop” and it as just as country as the song!

The food was nothing less than spectacular, Fresh from the garden veggies, Home made Β cheese from the cow and the sheep’s milk! YUM! Roasted lamb and of course, Rakija!

The Munchkin didn’t allow me to eat much, soon we were off to play with the other kids and eventually took a walk.

Just down the road we ran into some other familiar children and soon out the front door comes a friend of mine. How Fun to run into friends in a town half an hour from home!

Mosquitoes and rain drops drove us back home after seeing some gorgeous fairy-tale village scenes.

Old Serbian Home

Old Serbian Home

This old house was just the tip of the iceberg. So much to great stuff to see. I could walk around these old villages for eternity. Ideally with the good camera and no Munchkin. πŸ˜‰ Chasing after the Speedy toddler impairs the view. Here are a few more phone pics for the road!

Check out this chicken walk!


Doesn’t this look like something you would see in a movie?

End of the blurry pics.
Happy Tuesday! Dobar dan.



13 thoughts on “Munchkin Tuesday Little Rock

    • I have to go back with the good camera. and just explore. The villages here are soo cool! and yep, little M is getting so big. My back is sore from carrying her. πŸ™‚

  1. You simply MUST get Milan to take Millie off your hands while you go exploring with the camera. These pictures are amazing!

    LOVE the chicken walk … and the abandoned house! Very, very fairy tale-like.


  2. Oh thank you so much for writing and posting these pics! I know I always say this but I know how it is to race after a little munchkin and want to get good pics of beautiful places and not being able to eat much at huge and important dinners! Is your daughter using words in the two languages yet?

    • You are so welcome. I love reading your letters. Right now we are so busy I am having a hard time keeping up with the blog… good thing it isn’t a job. Thank again, if it was I would keep up! Millie is starting to talk just a little. I am sure you know how it is… she is slower than other kids only learning one language. But she will get them and be awesomely fluent with time. She is only 17 months and mimics us most of the time. So glad you liked the post. I would love to skype with you sometime. Let me know if you can and when you are available. I know you can’t when you are in the village. I can’t in my village either. πŸ˜‰

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