Foreigner Follies~ I have great neighbors

A few days ago…

Munchkin and I are sick. We took a nap to escape the crap we are feeling and woke up to find daddy had gone out for a bit.

When we awoke (she woke me up!) from the wonderful nap. Reluctantly.  I crawled out of bed. I need to pee like a race horse and to change the munchkin’s diaper that was threatening to seep out onto the sheets and eventually my lap. In the living room beginning the unending diaper duty, I heard a ticking or tapping? I left the grouchy little one to investigate and found a long crack in the ceiling in the foyer dripping water from the apt above. Instant stress!

Then the phone rings. I hope it is the hubby so I can ask him to come home. It wasn’t him.

Elevating Stress.

Making things a bit more difficult, it was Deda Tole asking if we would like a visit. Baby is crying. I am freaking out inside about the leaking and speaking to him in Serbian on the phone becomes almost impossible. I tell him water is falling but I don’t know the word for ceiling… I end up telling him to call back or something. I am not even sure.? I step outside into the hall way to get help. I don’t know what to do and I need some advice ASAP! oh, and I need to call the hubby. But first help from the neighbors! any neighbors!

I open my apt door. There is a man ascending the stairs and someone who has just gone down. My brain blanks on all Serbian and Finally after what is only a second or so but feels so much longer, I manage to say I NEED HELP.  Please. The gentleman turns and descends the stairs. The lady who cleans the stairwell came up the stairs to my rescue as well. I told them what was happening and showed them the leak. The gentleman went up immediately to see if anyone was home. No one was there. He asked if I had their phone number… I did not. 😦 He left, and my hustling continued.

The lady told me to get something to catch the H20 dripping freely from above. Scrambling to stand on the edge or the tub (It is about 2 and a half feet high), I transform my short self in to a monkey to reach the basins perched high atop the bathroom cabinet.  After a little maneuvering with a chair the basins are aptly placed under the drips.

This elementary bit of work was something I would have done on my own, but  I am daft as a doughnut with this head cold.  Plus, I was fearful of how the ceilings here handle flooding. would large bits of it crumble and fall on our heads? I was freaking out. Here is why:
Long ago, in the U.S. I lived in a condo and my upstairs neighbors pipes broke. My entire apartment was filled with drips and eventually a section of ceiling 3 feet wide,  6 feet long and about a foot thick and so heavy with water fell.  I was standing a foot behind it. I had just walked under it.

Now I was fearful for my self and my child. Though, I was mostly sure the concrete would hold… still? Sadly, I haven’t the capability of asking this sort of thing from the neighbors.

So many words yet to memorize! Ceiling= Blafon sounds like blahphone. I think I got that one now.

I finally call my man and ask him to come home after rambling about the disaster.  I am so nervous and anxious not knowing how bad the leak is and what may happen to the cracking ceiling. At this point the crack in the ceiling gets longer and more water is dripping above the light fixture and beyond. The crack is 3 feet long and growing. And I still need to pee really bad!

All the while, my sick little love is intermittently crying out of frustration and coming to the hall to see what is going on with the mum who has abandoned her. I return her to the couch and out of my way as I fumble around the drips nimbly jumping the water basins… going to get the baby tub to catch the growing steady trickle and turn of the light to keep from having some water induced electrical problems. The newly stretched ceiling crack goes directly over top the light fixture.

The kind neighbor man returns after looking for the tenants from above and he had luck! The water is switched off. My upstairs English-speaking neighbor/friend comes up the stairs. I start to explain. and the missing husband (Superman) arrives just after this. The  situation is instantly over. Relief

After Dobrila (sounds like Godzilla), the upstairs neighbor comes to apologize and our door is shut. The leaks have diminished. calm descends.

Thank God for Good Great neighbors!

Now, all we need to do is patch the ceiling and repaint!

Holy hallelujah  I can pee now. I leave the bathroom door open as there is no point in closing it with a persistent toddler who insists on entry. I am mentally (and physically) relieved. Out of the blue the hubby comes to infringe on my well deserved “break-time”. He only wants to inform me he shut the door to the back room to starve a fly. What? Bwahah haha! The comedic relief I need to recover from the stressful situation I just experienced. I love my honey.

Side note, if the hubby wrote this blog it would be MUCH funnier! I am much more of a “just the facts” type. Such a pity. I would so love to make people laugh, like some of my favorite bloggers. I am talking about you   Multifarious Meanderings and  Englishman in Italy, you never disappoint!

Happy Sunday fun day y’all!


13 thoughts on “Foreigner Follies~ I have great neighbors

  1. I didn’t know if I wanted to laugh or cry in sympathy for you all through that. You poor thing! Hope your colds are getting better now and that the ceiling is still intact (If you have a runny nose, maybe you could use it to stick the crack together again and kill two birds with one stone??).
    Thank you so much for the compliment – blush!

    • My words were sincere. I really wish I were funny like you. I love reading your work. We are both much better, Thanks! It was the little one’s first cold. Glad it is mostly over.

  2. Oh man, I’m glad your whole ceiling didn’t collapse in! I do worry about these Soviet-style apartments!

  3. sounds like a comedy sketch…… sorry had to laugh….. glad you managed to pee in the end… 😉

    • I am glad it made you laugh. I wish I could make everyone laugh. It felt like a comedy sketch while it was happening! But I was so glad when it was over. 🙂

  4. Oh man …. I can only imagine having to pee like crazy, with the ceiling dripping all the while! You must have a bladder of steel!

    Glad you’re feeling better. It’s miserable to have a sick kid and be sick yourself. 😦

    • OMiGosh, I finally feel human again and have gained independence from the munchkin. We were certainly inseparable for a while. And that was an ordeal! Both the joint cold and the leaky ceiling ! good to have both over and done.

      • AMEN!

        When kids are sick it’s like you get to be joined at the hip … but a little distance makes you feel like “ahhhh….FREDOM!”

        Glad things are better now.

  5. Haha!!! Sounds like my day right now!!! Almost… sans baby and sans neighbors in the hall. However, I do have a nice landlord and he’s on vacation in Zlatibor right now. He managed to get ahold of someone, who I think was the gentleman who popped in. When he saw the leak he crossed himself and said “O Boze” which can’t really be good in such a situation. I think the water is turned off. I think upstairs neighbors are home now.. I’ve been hearing footsteps the last 45 minutes. My boss let me have the afternoon off, too.. so now I’m in my living room – instead of my dining room – working. I’m avoiding to cut the bathroom lights on unless necessity due to electrical issues, too! So glad you guys got it fixed! Can’t wait until mine is!

      • Everything is good, now. Hvala Bogu! However, I’m not 100% what happened, how it was fixed, etc because no one spoke English and the Serbian was rough to understand.. sooooo. I’m just happy that my ceiling isn’t leaking. 😀

      • It was a faucet left on or something and there was water all over the floor upstairs from what I understand in my situation. I am glad it was over with quick. Sounds like your problem lasted longer and was probably more involved. Glad it is over with, and hopefully it will never happen again.

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