When did we stop being responsible parents?

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All over the interwebs floats the story of a 5 year old boy in Kentucky who shot his sister and killed her. The story isn’t much different from one source to the next, and sadly neither is the reaction. I’m finding the issue with this situation to be…

“We need to regulate how guns are stored.”

“Who gives a 5 year old a gun for their birthday.”

“How can a 5 year old own a gun?”

Do you see what’s bothering me about these reactions? I am a big supporter of firearms, my daughters share the same type of gun this child was given. The oldest received it as a Yule gift, so the fact that this negligent homicide (I’m not calling this an accident and I’ll explain why..) even occurred infuriates me, almost as much as the reactions to it. This post appears entirely focused on guns but my…

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