Photography Friday~ Flashback one year (almost)

Today I am missing home just a little. But I am really happy to be here in Serbia and have the wonderful friends that make me feel at home. I was just looking at some pics from last summer.

One of the little munchkin’s first beach trips.

She slept most of the time. That was a relief for me. Getting her ready, loading the car seemed like such a chore! What an adjustment to have a baby.

But it was all worth it.  Just sitting under the pier enjoying the shade, while the waves lapped at the beach was so relaxing.

Last summer was the fist time I ever sat under the pier. It was a must to block the sun and it was easier than getting an umbrella that would have to be lugged around. Today her and I took a walk in the sun. Well, she was shaded by the canopy on the stroller. Look how big she has gotten over the last year. and still, just as cute. 🙂


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