Whatever Wednesday~ Munchkin fun

The Munchkin is getting into everything. She is climbing ALL over the place. Stairs are her new friends.

This is her last night climbing on the console above our bed. She is already doing the Duckface and she isn’t even a teenager yet!

I can’t get over how smart she is getting. It is shocking really. She knows that farts are funny, as of yesterday. She let a big one rip and then laughed hysterically. If that doesn’t make you laugh when you watch it, your dead.

Then she was just being her silly little self, sitting beside me on the couch watching TV. She looked at my “mommy milk pillow” and smacked it then kissed it.

She is still only a three tooth wonder at this point. Maybe I should be concerned at 14 months and only 3 teeth, but Have ever heard of someone not getting their teeth? I haven’t.

She is knows about going outside now like never before. She brings me her shoes and coat…as if to ask to go out to play. She loves the park, the slide or toboggan and the swings. The weather is so nice we have both been meeting new friends in the park.

Off for another family adventure day! I am sure there will be something new to write home about by nightfall.

Dobar dan!


6 thoughts on “Whatever Wednesday~ Munchkin fun

    • Seriously, it is hilarious when she farts, even when he tiny little arse is stinking up the house. I think it is great she finally realized how funny it is too. I mean, if I must endure the horendous stinky, sticky diapers… at least I get some comical warnings in the farty form.

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