Foreigner follies Sunday~ Greece

This is a flashback to another only slightly embarrassing moment in my cross cultural life.

The hubby and I took a bus trip to Greece back in 2010. Crossing the border on a bus seems less harrowing. No international paper work for the car needs to be taken car of a month in advance with all the fees involved, not to mention getting international insurance, etc, etc. Not having to drive, and pay an arm and a leg for gas and a hotel made this trip priceless.

The White Tower in Thesalonika


At each border, the patrol officers came onto the bus and collect the passports and took them back to stamp them. This was a Serbian bus tour, my American passport was a bit of a shock to the border patrol guards, after gathering the burgundy Serbian passports, at the last seat collecting my navy blue American one. I can tell you, I got a few surprised looks.

Thesaloniki was the main city we visited as well as touring the mountainous region covered in oranges, lemons, and olive trees. What an awesome getaway!

Birth place of Aristotle, Stagira Greece

After a long bus ride up a mountain with serpentine curves and the look of the pacific Northwest, we arrived at our next destination. At the birthplace of Aristotle, there was a big gate to the ” fresh air museum”. It  was suppose to be closed, but they weren’t trying hard to keep people out, and it was next to impossible to steel anything. The objects were much to large and made of cement.

Everyone began to make their way in. They climbed, scaled, and hopped the fence. But, when I saw how small the fence was, I decided to get a running start and vault over it just placing my hands on top and throwing my legs over. An easy enough task for a person who had been a gymnast in her previous life.

What I didn’t know was the gate was broken and it just fell over bruising the inside of my right thigh. I should say the entire inside of my right leg. It was a monstrous bruise. The sweet darling of a husband wanted to take a picture it was so magnificent. How romantic. What a great memorial of our trip to Greece that could have been if I had let him. 😉

I don’t know how my fellow bus mates kept a straight face. I wouldn’t have been able to keep from laughing. I am sure it was like watching a comedy. Even funnier because it was a middle aged foreign lady. But they only seemed concerned. I would say it was well hidden mirth! The Tom-boy in me lives, and so does the accident prone nerd!

Aristotle and I

As the gate and I fell clumsily together and just after, I felt like I was in a bad travel comedy movie about the ridiculous American… National Lampoons vacation to Greece.

Happy Sunday Y’all

Dobar Dan!



9 thoughts on “Foreigner follies Sunday~ Greece

  1. Don’t feel bad. My last souvenir to Ocean City, MD, was from a seagull. Oh well. At least mine hurt a whole lot less. Sorry about the gate though. At least you can laugh about it now.

    Weird to hear you call yourself “middle aged” … that means *I* must be middle aged too, and I refuse! So we are *both* honorary 18 year olds again.

    You’re welcome.

    Love ya!

    • Going back to 18 is great, but can I keep what I have learned? That would be just perfect! Love you too Jen! And I don’t feel bad about the gate. I can always have a good laugh at myself. If I couldn’t, I would def not post the story! and why not share a laugh with friends? Can’t wait to share another laugh with you in person. XO Loving you poems btw.

      • Yes, 18 with the sense of a 40 year old would be good! Except, you’re only 29 … never mind. 🙂

        Hey, gotta laugh right? Like today, I can laugh about the time my leg fell off while eating at Dodie’s. (True story.)

        Thanks for the kind words – glad you like the poems!

        Can’t wait to talk with you again too!

  2. OMG JEN! That is hilarious! IF it were me, I would make a scene just for fun. I know it must get annoying. But, it is rare to be able to make jokes in such an interesting way. “My leg has fallen and can’t stand up!”
    Hey, I have an idea. I get stickers from around the world and we can put them on the leg, like they used to do with trunk and other luggage! The leg’s world tour! Yep, that leg is going places. LOL like the traveling gnome. OK. I know, I have seriously gone to far. Pardon the pun. Glad you can laugh and share your stories.

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