Sunday Comics- Foreigner Follies

I don’t mind making it known how silly I am at times. I am that way naturally, but living cross-culturally intensifies that aspect of my personality. I have no shame. really. The most recent thing I have done that you may find amusing has to do with condo life.

I have never lived in a condo like this before. This one is a walk up but nice. The issue that has caused the folly a.k.a. foolishness is that the doors all look the same, if you forget what floor you are on and don’t look at the number. One could easily mistake one’s own apt for another.

Yes, my friends that is what I have done. Thank God not continually.

Just last week, I was carrying my small heavy bundle of a munchkin up the flights of stairs. I came to “my door” and opened it. Inside everything was different. I had opened my downstairs  neighbors door. DUH!

Now, it may be important to note that they know my husband, and have since he was a child. They have been his neighbors for more than 20 years and their son worked in the states like my muz. Now, they also know me through the family ties.

Continuing with my story… I realized my “crawl under the rug” mistake the split second I opened the door. A balloon of embarrassment swelled to the point of popping within me.  Immediately I shut the door. Then, I reopened it to say “Sorry”. Then, realizing I had said it in English, I opened it again. I said, “izvini”. and shut the door, totally flustered.

Readjusting my bundle of munchkin I started up the stairs. The door opened and of course as soon as the neighbor saw me, he knew what I had done as I pointed to my apt above.


If this was my door, there would be no issue.

I am sure they think I am an utter dolt, but at least they are nice to me. 🙂 That is all that matters to me.

Dobar Dan


11 thoughts on “Sunday Comics- Foreigner Follies

  1. Back in 2001, new neighbours moved into the flat opposite ours. Their little boy, 2 years old at the time, opened the wrong door as they arrived at their new home, and bumped into two-year-old Rugby boy…. Eleven years later, they are now 800 km away from each other but have a friendship that is a solid as a rock. They describe eath other as “childhood friends”. Moral of the story: some doors are meant to be opened 🙂

  2. It is really weird situation. I have been in exactly same situation 15 years ago.Then i freak out kids in apartment upstairs.

    • Thanks. I have more. (I am a bit of an Odie, but that is better than Eeyore!) Hey how do you add the Print to your photos. I would like to add a water color of Print to mine that says Chronicles of Serbia. Any help or advice would be great, thanks again~

      • Look forward to reading more! I created the watermark in Photoshop. I use Aperture 3 for cataloging and processing my images and I add the watermark file when I export the images from Aperture to my site. I think there are lots of ways, sort of depends on what software you’re using…

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