Not so Easter Sunday

For quite a lot of the world, today is Easter. Happy Easter to you if you are in one of those  parts! Here in Eastern Europe, home of the Orthodox, Easter will be celebrated on May the fifth. Yes, May the fifth, better known as Cinco De Mayo for those of us in the Americas. A Mexican holiday that is celebrated in the US of A as an excuse to eat TexMex food washed down with margaritas and Coronas, Tecate, and  Dos Equis! Stay thirsty my friends.

I will not be able to have tacos and other “Mexican” food on Easter. I hear the events of the day here are jam packed. So, today I am celebrating Cinco De Mayo with the a fore mentioned tacos today. It was a happy coincidence I made a big batch of Taco meat yesterday. And I even found flour tortillas! awesome 🙂

Hooray for an early Cinco De Mayo!

Today is just a mini Easter celebration for me. I will save the real Easter celebrations for May the fifth, Orthodox Easter. It never seems like a holiday here unless other people are celebrating with me anyway. I am keeping it real and remembering the reason for the holiday. That is the most important thing anyway.


Dobar Dan Christ is Risen!


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