Friday Photography

Monarch on Milkweed

Today is a flashback photography post. I can’t wait for SPRING to arrive for real! I am posting pics from previous years. This is the Island of Assateague. Minutes from my hometown, this used to be my day off place to escape. and enjoy wild horses and lots of other great bits of nature. Please enjoy!

I was biking with my very good friend ‘N’ and this horse runs across the road and the bike path. I got the butt shot!

Buoy on the beach

Horseshoe crab

Yep, this makes me homesick.

Color blocking even on the privates.


Luscious green

Sand art

On your mark, Get set, Ok. Just stand there and enjoy the breeze.

In the heat of the day, the horses hang out on the beach to enjoy the air coming off the ocean, I have also seen hoodlum horses making themselves comfortable and enjoying food and adult beverages tourists left unguarded. Corona was the beer of choice.

I have made myself officially homesick, can you blame me? 

The sun is setting on this post.

Dobar Dan Y’all

5 thoughts on “Friday Photography

    • Bikinis are optional for the 4 legged mammals. They are all descendants of farm horses stranded on the now island after a hurricane tore through the barrier island. Now they are wild. I am very good. (Thank you so much!) I just want to see the sun and feel the warmth of it’s love! Happy Easter!

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