Whatever Wednesday~ mailboxes and gates

This morning the snow has come down for hours. The mountain got about a foot and we have about half that. Kind of shocking for the 27th of March.

There was to be a Vasher today. That is sort of a Pijats on a Grand scale and a carnival. But the weather has prevented it. There will be five more vashers this year. and I look forward to sharing them with you.

I have posted pictures before of a few gates. Though, doors and window pictures seem to be my prevailing favorite thing to photograph. As I began to wander down main street, I began to  pay more attention to the gates. Now, I have become more infatuated with them. I realized they are a combination of door and window. A perfect marriage of the two.

I really love this RED mail box! I want one ❤

I am pretty sure this is my favorite.

The average gate below has charm. but not so much beauty.

I love the contrast here. This grand gate belongs to the beautifully painted home and building behind. Just next door there is a barn in the back yard. This is on the main street of town. For real!

Another favorite~

Starts with and “M” and probably ends in a “vic” I bet! 😉 The majority of last names here in Serbia end in V-I-C. It’s like “Mc” in Scotland or “O” in Ireland the begin the names. 

And from my last trip to Greece, 2 years ago… One last mailbox and gate.

These were all phone pics. Grainy, but still worth posting.

Dobar Dan


11 thoughts on “Whatever Wednesday~ mailboxes and gates

    • Maybe your blogs should be in rhyme? I am sure you could manage.

      I would send you the letter box if I could. but it looks a bit heavy and sturdily attached to the post office cement wall. I would be one cunning hood if I were to mange pinching that! on the flip side, I believe I could make the Guinness book of worlds dumbest criminals if I tried to send it to you in the post! lol
      I’ll stick to blogging. 😉

  1. great collection from serbia, they celebrate Easter later in Serbia, don’t they? happy easter to you, have you got your easter egg yet (confession: we’ve already eaten ours…) 😉

    • Yes, Orthodox Easter is later. Protestant, Anglican, Catholic Easter is March 31,2013. Orthodox Easter this year is May 5th. SOO much later! I didn’t even realize til you commented. I am Protestant. But while I am here I will celebrate it with everyone else. Christ is risen either way! 🙂 Hope your Eater feast was wonderful. I will be sharing the Easter celebration on the blog. This will be my first Serbian one. Lots to learn. But I will be missing the ham we have back home.

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