Munchkin Monday- Learning curve

Shopping at Metro is almost like shopping at Walmart… With out most of the products I know and love. 🙂 Millie was trying out her friend’s birthday gift. A teddy bear chair.

This week has been a busy one for the synapses in lil munchkin’s brain. She has learned  lots of new things. Blowing kisses is a fun new thing. Probably most fun for the parents. She is also learning to love on her toys and kiss them as well. Sweet!

She is dancing a whole lot now. When mommy is working on her fitness, Millie joins in doing squats and tries to do kicks. She only really manages to lift her leg off the ground. Still, it is super cute.

Putting toys in new places like the bathtub is a new one. She is even lifting the toilet seat to put them inside. Yep, that’s one I would have liked to skip. Daddy, found that hidden treasure. Lucky him.

Just now as I am writing, another first. She climbed up on daddy’s chair. Then stood up  with her hand on the back of the chair. Look out world. Nothing is safe!

She will be driving soon. Wait, what is the driving age in Serbia?


3 thoughts on “Munchkin Monday- Learning curve

  1. I am trying to cherish the sweetness. This year has gone so fast, I kinda know what you mean. Crazy! Good luck with the Bigfoot and the car. How have the teen years been? has living cross culturally made the teen issues more of a challenge??

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