Whatever Wednesday- Pijats pics

Today, we were out bright and early to see the sun!!  It was a gorgeous sunny spring day. The Pijats was packed and it was my first time taking the munchkin in the stroller. What a task! Complicated further by an unreliable pitch, I had to take it slow and mind the unpredictable pavement below.

The entrance to the pijats was clad with the usual babas selling their eggs, onions, flowers, and more. It was worth stopping to take a picture

There were bags hanging here and there on the fence surrounding the pijats. This one was really beautiful. Old traditional embroidery made an old bag a work of art.

There were so many vendors today. Selling all kinds of fruits, and vegetables. Scales to weigh the various produce are very common.

The gypsies had massive amounts of yard sale like goods on display. One was calling out Sale  sale everything 150 Dinars! (All in Serbian)  and another was announcing all of his sales info in French.

One of the Gypsy Salesmen who are constant workers on the pijats. (He doesn’t usually dress like this… It was kind of a joke… just stuff he was selling that made for a funny outfit!) I wasn’t the only one who got a pic.




6 thoughts on “Whatever Wednesday- Pijats pics

  1. I love markets, they are always so vibrant. In Turin a few weeks ago I watched one woman haggling over a scarf. She wanted the stall owner to reduce it from 1 euro to 80 cents. He kept shaking his head and pointing at a large sign that proclaimed Everything 1 Euro

    • No smelly cheese here. All the cheese is young. IT hasn’t much smell at all. And it is sold inside a large building with refrigeration. So far, the only smell has been the fried dough. Thank God, I am not a fan. My buttocks need to shrink rather than expand. 🙂 Maybe with the heat of summer there will be some to share with you.

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