86* the 365

I was trying and succeeding in writing everyday. But I have realized the writing of a blog everyday leads to less interesting post. Less time for more important things and I now Plan to blog as much as I like and have something interesting to share. Posting something just for the sake of a day is sacrificing time better spent.

For now my time is needed in Birthday prep. No need to stress over little posts. wishing you all a great weekend.

Dobar dan


14 thoughts on “86* the 365

    • It is stressful sometimes. other times I really enjoy it. Now is is mostly stressful because Mama is always hovering and trying to talk to me (in Serbian) while I try to think in English. I am so glad she has recovered. Now it is time for her to go home. Too many cooks in the kitchen right now! Birthday prep is way more difficult this way. I will be sharing the details in a blog.

  1. totally agree here too! I don’t know how you managed to post every day…. I find it takes up time just to write a couple of times a week, which is the schedule we are trying to stick to. Dobardan and have a nice weekend.

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