Just another manic Monday 365-49

Wait, it isn’t. I don’t have to catch a train. there is no impending work to do. I am an expat without a job. WRONG. I have a job. I didn’t apply for it. but it is pressing, stressing and exhausting. My boss is a tiny little tyrant.

She knows how cute she is, so get gets away with more than most bosses.

This morning, I got up at the crack of dawn because I couldn’t sleep.  But little Miss, tucked in between us was a sleeping little angel. I got up and colored my hair. It was gloriously quiet. otherwise it would have been like this: the whining and crying at the bathroom door, then playing on the floor at my feet. It is like this no matter what I am doing in there).

I conquered the challenge of finding an applicator for my Garnier. I am using a tiny recycled contact solution bottle. The bare minimum is packed into my Garnier box. The box is the width of my contact storage case. and even the conditioner package is half the size.

Everything is so much smaller here. But, on the upside, there is less waste.

Busy day ahead. Happy Monday!

Dobar Dan


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