Princess Skirt 365-47

I have taken on new crafty endeavors here to pass my time. I am working on these for my friends kids. This tutu was pretty quick. The little one is beginning her modeling career for me.

orange tutu

orange tutu


This one is the one I am most proud of. This is an up-cycled curtain from the thrift shop. Now that I am without a steady income, I must be more frugal. I am going to try to make gifts more. and honestly, I wouldn’t want to buy a skit like this here if I could find it. It would be expensive.

Princess skirt

Princess skirt

The pocket

I am glad to be finished. It is hard to work on something that requires so much attention when a baby is whining at your feet to be picked up. constantly.

I completed the skirt this morning. but in an ironing blunder… I melted a huge hole in it. Needless to say, I was gutted. Fortunately, Mama came to my rescue. She finished sewing in the replacement panel while I took care of the teething fussy munchkin.

I am excited to start my next project. But this week is all about birthday prep. Lots to do.

Dobar Dan

5 thoughts on “Princess Skirt 365-47

      • Len says he wants y’all to come over to the house when you’re back in the states. I’ve missed talking with you too. The little one will be so much bigger when you get back, too!
        Glad you like the haiku — starting monsters tonight. 😉

  1. The munchin is lucky to have such a resourceful mum. I love thrift shops too. I have the same problem with couture Karma bting me on the bum, too: I was given a beautiful 1950’s sewing machine… and it blew up before I could use it.

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