The Interview 365-41

Sunday morning Church picture

This is a church in a town not far away. I would love to drive around a photograph the old churches. They are gorgeous. and many of them are very old.

In the spring when the leaves have arrived, I will take a drive and take some better photographs of this and other churches.

I was interviewed my Expat Blog! You can check out my interview here.

Dobar Dan


3 thoughts on “The Interview 365-41

  1. great interview, did you enjoy doing it? I am also going to start a series of interviews in our Blog, about other expats who have moved to Croatia / bought property etc. So this interview has given me some more ideas! dobardan!

    • Sorry, I was holding the baby when I replied last. She is a slight distraction. I shouldn’t even try to write anything with her on my lap. You asked me if I enjoyed doing the interview. Yes, I did. I love reading other expat interviews. So many various stories. (like yours) You should do it. I would love to read some interviews. Dobar Dan… or actually Laku Noc. (Good night)

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