Graffiti 365- 38

One of my new years ideas was to write a bit everyday. Keeping it interesting is really hard. Though, thus far (only one month in) I have been able to keep the ideas going. Now I am starting to struggle. What to write about?
I must get creative. Maybe focus one month or one week on one thing or another? if you have any recommendations or questions about Serbia, Please ask. That will give me an idea of where to go. Maybe?

Graffiti is one thing there is no shortage of here. And I really like looking at some of it. Lots of it is just trash.

This like so many other walls around are covered with scrawlings and scribbled out bits. very unattractive.

but some of it make really good statements. Like this one.

I love you Baby. Maybe I am missing something else. I’m not sure.

This piece is a deeply personal and political statement concerning the loss of a region. Kosovo.

Kosovo je obraz Serbia. I don’t think I can translate it properly. If you can, please leave a comment and I will amend this to include the translation.  Thank you.

I took this pic yesterday. I really like the creativity and humor.

Two kids on a skateboard. LOVE it!

I saw this one on my way home from the pijats the other day. I like it because not only can you see graffiti on the building front and center, but to the right in the distance there is more.

Punks not dead…Bad boys to the right.

Is it just me, or does the mohawk man look like Beavis or Butthead?

O.K. Time’s up for today.

Dobar Dan


6 thoughts on “Graffiti 365- 38

  1. Косово је образ Србије would be something like Kosovo is the cheek of Serbia. That’s literal translation… Obraz can have a couple of meanings in this saying though – literal meaning which is cheek, or honor or reflection of in a more abstract perspective.

    As for Romania and Serbia being very similar, they are actually. For a long time much of today’s Romania was Serbian lands. Western Romania is still very close to it’s old Serbian/Slavic history with culture and tradition. When I was in Timisoara/Temisvar it was quite obvious. I loved it!

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