Frajle means Chicks 365-35


Last Friday night, I got out of the house and had a date with my girls. We went to see Frajle. The vocals were belted out in at least three languages. The first three songs were in English. U2’s Still haven’t found what I’m looking for began a capella. They harmonized beautifully.The link for sway below was only one of two songs they did that Michael Buble has made popular most recently.

Before seeing the group, I checked out some of their work on Youtube. What I heard on that site didn’t do them justice. Trust me!

Frajle is slang for Fraulein but it is like saying chicks.

Two of the women play guitar and all of them sing. For songs that need some brass accompaniment one of the ladies employs a kazoo. They are not only great singers, but they are innovative, and comical. I mean, it is great to be able to use an instrument that costs pennies to produce a sound that usually comes out of an expensive instrument.

I really enjoyed the entire concert. Getting out of the house away from the munchkin was pricele$$. Being out with the girls was awesome. I think for all of us.

If you have a chance to see Frajle, GO.

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