Take a break 365-34

A great place to lounge West Ocean City, Maryland

I have the bug bad right now. I just want to get away. I need a break, a rest. tearing away from reality is sometimes just what the Dr. ordered.

So I am taking a break. Listening to some SWEET Michael Buble and looking at travel pics and reminiscing.

Let me help you to join me. Play this and check out picture from my past trips.


a rooftop view of Belgrade.

Roman Ruins Felix Romuliana, Serbia

Graveyard Church in Thesaolonika, Greece

An accordian player waking home Novi Sad, Serbia

Novi Sad, Serbia

Dublin, Ireland

Novi Sad, Serbia

an Amish buggy in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

Sunrise in Byron Bay, Austrailia

Little Italy, NYC with family. Love this

Wild pony on Assateague Island, Ocean City, Maryland

Assateague Island, Maryland

Assateague Island, Maryland

Ahh, I still need more. but I hope you enjoyed the view. thanks for joining me.

Dobar Dan

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