The Butcher, The Baker, The Candlestick Maker 365-33

Things here in Serbia are still quite simple. In a good way. I like that there are specialty shops for things. People specialize and make a living doing so.

The Butcher
There are a few butchers shops here in town. Some stores supermarkets here sell bits of meat like markets at home. but the Butchers sell the most.

I walk past to of the biggest butchers shops daily. I really like the looks of Mesara the best.



The word for meat is Meso. Mesara is like saying meat shop. I think the reason I like this shop the best is because it has a picture of a bull on the side of the building. But not just any bull. The icon for the Chicago Bulls.

SONY DSCThere is a huge dumpster nearby, and as always there are cats scavenging from it. (Like they do in all the dumpsters) I would like to think sometimes they get some scraps from this place.


I don’t shop at the butchers. Everything is ordered first in Serbian.. not my strong suit. and second in grams or kilos. also not my strong suit. The muz buys all the meat. But mostly we just raise the chickens and pigs ourselves. We even butcher, clean and cook them up too.

The Baker

There are LOTS of bakeries here in town. My favorite is this one.


The Cyrillic sign at the top says, Pekara, Beli Jorgovan
Or the White Lilac Bakery

I shop this one the most. Daily, fresh bread, kiflitsa, little pizzas, and lots of burek are made. Lots of other stuff too. I just can’t name it all literally.

This pic is from a bakery in Belgrade. They had a lot more stuff than my bakery does.

Bakeries here differ greatly from the few you find in the U.S. Most of the good are breads with cheese or meats. Sweets are not common at all. In fact I haven’t had even one that I recall. Sadly. I do so miss me some fresh glazed donuts!!

Bringing home the daily bread and a sleeping munchkin. (our reflection photo)

The Candlestick Maker

I haven’t really come across a shop that makes candles, but a whole lot of  some bodies must make them. Because they sell them at the pijats all the time. I took this picture today.

Church candles

The candles here are for lighting at the church or at graveyards. There are a bunch of different kinds and sizes. Some are used for slavas as well.

You can buy in bulk too. It will save you a trip.

For saying lots of prayers.

I always imagined that the candle the “candlestick” maker was making were for  lighting after dark. It is very enlightening living here. I love the antiquity here. Old rhymes come to life.


2 thoughts on “The Butcher, The Baker, The Candlestick Maker 365-33

  1. That is a good read and I can sort of feel how you feel. My wife is from Poland and I am from Germany originally… and I see so many things we lost in Germany when we make our journeys through my wife’s country.
    I really enjoy the simplicity of things, particularly when you leave the big cities and go more into the countryside.

    You would think with both countries being neighbours they should have much more in common. But history actually brought these countries further and further apart. Just recently it started to get better and closer…
    Not sure though if I’d like to see all the old manufacturers vanish in the not so distant future…

    • Hi, I know what you mean. I love that these things still exist. and I don’t want to see them go. Not that I think it will happen soon here. Things move at a snails pace when it comes to moving forward. That is good and bad. But it is what it is. Thanks for reading!

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