The little munchkin’s favorite thing on TV are commercials. She loves the music. They are louder and fast. We watch a channel I never heard of in the U.S. JimJam. There are no commercials for toys. only for the other cartoons. The cartoons go fast. They eliminate most of the spaces where cartoons should be. So they are over and on to the next before you know it.

Here is a list of the cartoons I see daily. I have most of the songs memorized now and I sing along all the time. No one is here to hear me accept the two M’s.

Oswald the octopus and his Hotdog dog named Weiner. I don’t mind this one. and I don’t hate it. Maybe I will later. Who knows. This cartoon is from the U.S. It is affiliated with Nick Jr. and looks as though it is set in NYC.

Jakers! My absolute favorite cartoon is Jakers. Millie likes it too. This is a BBC cartoon about a piggy family and other barnyard animals that live in a village in Ireland. I can’t say enough about how much I enjoy it. Love it!

Come see the sea is another blip on the radar. I find it quite dull. but it shows lots of cool fish and I think it is a good educational show for kids.

Benjamin’s farm is a total snorefest for me. But for kids. Cool, I guess.

Slim pig is a cute little cartoon from Canada. I think the theme song is catchy, and I can’t help but sing along every time it comes on.

Pingu is a claymation British-Swiss cartoon. I cannot lie. I really like this one too. IT is really cute. SO true to life. with sibling fighting and moms scolding. Just an adorable cartoon.

Mio Mao is an Italian cartoon with two curious claymation cats. and it is the cat’s meow! Mio Mao and Pingu are a close second to Jakers.

Thomas the train is a popular kids show here too. I don’t see that one as much. but it is a nice little show.

The most unfortunate show I have to see is Barney. Ugh. Didn’t like when it was popular in the U.S. about 20 years ago and now. I have to watch it here. Millie gets so excited when she sees the purple monster and hears the stupid song.

Another familiar show is Bob the builder.

Oh, well. Things could be worse. Everything could be dubbed in German. But it is not. 🙂

Mommy is getting a good break tonight. I have a date with the girlfriends to see Frajle a Serbian chick band singing in town. and as you can tell from this post about cartoons. I need it! Wahoo!!

Dobar Dan!

2 thoughts on “KIDDIE CARTOONS 365-32

  1. Hi there, and thanks for popping by to read my drivel 🙂 Pingu is one of my idols, I love the language he speaks and all the stupid stuff he gets up to in the snow. I avaided Barney like the plague when I lived in the States; he’s the most pretentious and patronising excuse for a childhood hero I’ve ever seen. Still hoping he gets eaten by a REAL T-Rex some time soon.

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