Cars 365-28

Cool cars here are all over!

Plastic Blue

This car is made of plastic. I can’t remember the name, but I love it. I see him every time I go see Deda.

My absollute favorite is the Fitcha. and I found the cutest version just the other day when I was going to the Pijats.

my new fav car

I have written about the Fichka car before. It includes on of my most embarrassing and funny Serbian language transgression. You may like to read about it here.

The cars are often adorned here with lots of fun things. At Pijats last week, I saw something so cute.

Tiny dried gourds hanging from the rear view mirror.

By law, everyone here must have a safety kit in their cars. Included is a fluorescent  vest. The vest must be close by if you are stopped. For that reason many people keep it right on their seat. I think that is so cool. It’s like you are dressing your car up.

The car wearing the traffic vest

This stuff never gets old. I learn about the culture little by little or as they say here, malo po malo. It is precious. I am cherishing the way I learn. Every little thing holds a new lesson. But it isn’t boring.

Old cars last forever here. Back in the States more often than not they get rusted out from the salt lain down in the winter. Many of these cars rarely made it to the U.S. because back in the day, importing cars wasn’t that common. I guess that is why I enjoy seeing them so much to. They are such a novelty!

I am not such a car buff back home. OR here. I just like the different makes and models. Zastava, Citroen, Renault, and gobs more!

Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?

This was one of my most favorite finds. a strange old Russian army  “Jeep”


This would be a super cool car to bring home to mama!

I am sure this won’t be the last of the cool cars I post here. I am always finding a new one to enjoy looking at, and I will be sure to share them with you.

(Please excuse me for using my camera phone for all the pictures. I wish I had time to take the good camera, but I am always in a rush to beat the clock… The baby is like the most unforgiving boss. infinitely demanding my presence. Someday I will miss that. but for now…it is just annoying. Can’t wait to take nicer pics with the good camera!)

6 thoughts on “Cars 365-28

  1. Ever watch the mentalist back in the states? The lead character has a Citroen. :). I know what you mean… I’m not a car geek either but these little ones are so cute!

    As to the little one… yes, enjoy these days. I used to roll my eyes and get annoyed when people said that but alas… it’s true that you’ll miss this. But on the bright side… I love that Jared sleeps in when he can and uses the toilet and feeds himself!!! THAT I do not miss! Guess it’s a trade off.

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