Not so Urban Sprawl 365-23


This part of town used to be out side of town. Urban sprawl took it’s toll, now what once was kinda country is now within the city limits. There is no space between this town and the next. This area has regular housing,  but barns next to the homes are a common site.

Side yard garden

Side yard garden

Gardens take the place of yards if the free space is not covered in cold hard cement. In fact, yards with grass seem a bit unusual here. I am kinda tired of seeing so much concrete. More often than I would like there is just concrete. I find it unattractive. But then, I am a country girl who enjoys big green spaces. I get the garden in the yard. In fact I think it is a super smart use of the land. The same idea is starting to catch on in the U.S. (Slowly but surely.) If it is done right, it can be really eye-catching.  And if you needs some carrots, all you have to do is walk outside. Awesome!

We are only in the month of January, but still the gardens are in use. There are even a good many green houses that are producing food even now.  A very good use of space and time.

SONY DSCAs you can see this is just at the edge of town and the fields behind are filled with orchards and nicely plowed rows ready for planting in spring.

There were some other pictures I wanted to take. But people here are leery of strangers with cameras. Cute little old ladies in “Baba attire” are not eager for a photo shoot. Total bummer! I just love the way they dress. It is so story book.

There were some really cool massive old baskets in a barn that would make a hipster proud but, the old Deda was uncooperative as well. A stranger with an accent with a camera is too much to take I guess. maybe next time. 😦 I have to find a way to make friends.

Maybe next time I’ll take a coca cola with me. I could sing, “I’d like to buy the world a coke, and keep it company”. Hand the random stranger a coke and ask to take their pic. This would no doubt inspire more fear. Or a get me an earful of, “Si Lud? Nisi normal! Translation: Are you crazy? you are not normal!

I’ll let you know if I try the coca cola thing anyway. I am contemplating it!

Dobar Dan


11 thoughts on “Not so Urban Sprawl 365-23

  1. have you tried a covert operation, like a secret camera in a baseball cap, or hidden in a button of your jacket? …. “call me secret agent double-0 Serbia”

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