Cool Old Trucks 365-22

Old Yeller

Old Yeller

I was lucky to go on a serious “walk about” two days in a row this week. Honestly. It was necessary. I was about to loose it after too much time inside. The weather was gorgeous for a January day. Brilliant!! I even worked up a little sweat walking through the less traveled part of town for me.

I always enjoy seeing the old cars and trucks around town. This day, I saw a good many old work trucks. Some were old Military. Others just the kind you use for heavy jobs.

It's not easy being green

It’s not easy being green

There were old trucks all over this part of town. This is an old military truck that is like an old Dodge, but not quite the same. So says the muz.

Needs some work

Needs some work

This truck looks cool and there were a few of these around. I think it is also an old army vehicle.

Classic cobalt

Classic cobalt


I could see myself driving this one. taking him back to the farm. It reminds me of one that adorned my grandfathers front yard. The smooth lines and all that space in the back for hay. Hooray for a hayride! Yep, I would like to call this one mine.

The last but not least is old Blacky. This was my second favorite. I think because he is black. Rocking that flat tire in the back like a boss!

My favorite color!

My other favorite color




6 thoughts on “Cool Old Trucks 365-22

  1. gee you beat me to it!! I’ve noticed very old trucks in Croatia too and have started taking pictures of them for a post!! when my family came to Croatia they noticed them too, and said “gosh like Italy 40 years ago, you don’t see those trucks anymore, they would not pass the road test in Italy”… we shall swap notes.. 😉

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