Scavenging for Crumbs 365-19

This morning as I drank my coffee and read the news, I was thrilled to notice a dove resting peacefully on our terrace railing.

Dove on the railing

Dove on the railing

Snow had fallen the night before, and continued to snow overnight. This morning, soft fluffy snow was everywhere. Lots of other winged warblers were out looking for scraps along every terrace.  From their perches they were watching for the residents to shake out the tablecloths so they could swoop down and score some crumbs.

I put some bread out later. Soon after there were two love doves and, the bread was gone.

Love doves

Love doves

Most of the fluffy snow had melted. The roads were filled with dirty slush. and another Saturday passes.


One thought on “Scavenging for Crumbs 365-19

  1. Doves… my favorite! We have a very “fruitful ” pair in our neighborhood. Love the little ones and the way they work out how to get food AND take care of the kids. And they love sunning themselves near the birdbath.

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