Privi ZUB!! 365-17

Last night the Munchkin cut her first tooth. We have been waiting some time. She is now almost eleven months old, just short nine days.

The traditional white gift.

The traditional white gift.

Last evening she woke up really unhappy.She didn’t want to eat and she was nothing but a ball of crankiness. Her bad mood continued for sometime. Baba got her smiling a bit later.

I am not sure why or when, but I put my finger in her mouth and found just the tip of an incoming tooth. The front bottom right tooth is just slightly visible if she lets you see past her lips and the little uncooperative tongue.

We were kind of excited to find this after feeling for a tooth now and then for months. I was in no rush for her to get any since we are still nursing. But I have been expecting her to produce one. She has been chewing on me and biting with her gums pretty hard. I am not excited about the introduction of the sharp little pearly whites.

When I found the tooth and showed Mama, she said she would have to buy something white. I wasn’t sure if I understood. But today when I ran into her in town, immediately she said, “Want to go find something white?”  I asked, “Traditia?” She said yes.  Off we went to a kids store where the lady showed us the white shirt that says, “MOj Privi ZUB!  My first tooth.

The one tooth monster

The one tooth monster

In other news, she travels at the speed of light. The miniature SUV is full time in four wheel drive. She loves going under daddy’s legs when they make a bridge. She will continue to crawl in circles just to go under the bridge again and again.

When she naps, inevitably she wakes with the back of her head covered in sweat. It’s like she was doused with a cup of water. I can only imagine what she will be like when she starts running around.

Last night she was doing what looked like a mini gymnastics routine. Complete with the raised hands at the end. I am going to love teaching her how to do somersaults and cartwheels. I am pleased to report she is in love with being upside down and loves doing back flips off of Mommies lap. She get a really excited look when she lands it flat on her feet.

One of her favorite pass times now is lifting our shirts to smack, kiss, and tickle our bellies. She is learning from watching us tickle and kiss her. So cute!

I am enjoying watching her grow. She is so big already. Soon we will be planning her birthday party. Already I am stalking Pinterest for cool ideas and trying to find a good cake recipe to make. Leave me a comment if you have a good one. Oh, and I am looking for a good creamy or buttery icing as well!

Thanks in advance for your contributions.

Dobar Dan!


3 thoughts on “Privi ZUB!! 365-17

    • Yes, it is. But I must say. I thought we had a lot of traditions that pushed us to buy things. Here it is the same. just different things to buy. I think giving something white but not necessarily buying something white would be better. But it is fun to learn about them. and it is a cute little shirt.

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