Arches 365-12

I have heard that the arches in architecture here is a result of Turkish influence. I don’t care where they come from. I love them. They are so inviting and ancient looking in some cases, in others modern and stylish. Here are a few I’ve seen lately.

Gateway arch

Arch framing the doorway between the kitchen and dining room

Driveway arch

Driveway and doorway arches

Patio arches and above an arched window.

This is my favorite. It reminds me of the Hobbit. Maybe it is the green.

The arched doorway matches the arches on the gate.

This one looks so inviting.

I especially like the flowers carved into the lower part of the door.

That is enough for today.
Enjoy your day, and take time to appreciated the architecture around you.
Dobar Dan!

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