You never know 365-10

I never know what I will see here when I take a walk. There is always something new and different around town.

Today, I while I was out shopping for a friend’s birthday project. I saw some beautiful architecture.  Sorry no pics.

And adorable little well, that proves wishing wells aren’t just for country folks. This one in a courtyard off main street.

The sign warns, Beware of Dog. But he looked harmless.

I loved the well, but the “beware of dog” sign was unwarranted. Later as I passed by another gateway, a dog that looked as ferocious as a rabid shark ran at the gate. He gave me quite a start. He was taller than me on his back paws and his bark was very strong. My imagination tells me his bite would be much worse.

Yesterday, while the Muz and I were out, we happened upon a really cool old Russian army vehicle.

WWII Russian Army Truck

Cars and doorways all over Serbia are rocking the Christmas Tree sprigs. Simply  charming aren’t they?

This “lucky” doorway is decked out with an over sized Christmas sprig, 4 death announcements, and Graffiti. Serbian decor!

Well, maybe not these, but some of them are.

In one of my last posts, I added a picture of the arched pavilion in the park. Below, is a day time view.

Dobar Dan  (good day!)


6 thoughts on “You never know 365-10

      • True! And the worst is the “truck testicles”. Gack! I do like the car eyelashes, though Len says they’re tacky. Well, maybe they are … but I like them anyway!

        Thought briefly about putting an oak sprig on the van but Len would say, “hey, there was a branch stuck to your van so I took it off”. 😉

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