Ktown and village pics 365-9

Yesterday, I had a nice stroll in the morning and  then in the evening. I took a few pics.

Cat, Shadow, and Graffiti

The wild kitty was enjoying the sun on a cold winter day. I walked around town and when I got back. Kitty was still there. He likes that spot.

Our Furry Family

Yesterday, I caught our kitty up on the table. He isn’t allowed up there, but following orders isn’t his strong suit. Kinda like Garfield. The two of them are like a Serbian Garfield and Odie. On a few levels.

Mama and the Munchkin checking out the animals.

Millie loves seeing the animals. She could watch them for ever. She gets so excited when we see them as they run to our car. Immediately she starts grunting and leaning down to touch them. True love.

The little monster is in need of a nap now. and I must go.
One last pic for the day.

Pavillion in the park

The park is still lit for the holidays. I love seeing the town lit up with strings of lights along with bells and snow flakes to make it seem festive. Lights add to the sweet ambiance this town has.


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