365-3 X marks the spot


For most of, us our Christmas has come and gone. Here in Serbia and other Orthodox countries, we are still waiting. Christmas, not as you and I know it will be celebrated on January 7. I will leave the differences for another post.

Here it is called Bozic. Every one wishes one another Srecan Bozic i Nova Godina. Happy Christmas and Happy New Year. Kids are on break from school for 2 weeks of holidays. Beginning with The December 31 New Years and ending with Serbian New years. So many Celebrations. Compounded with a December full of Slavas, that is a whole lot of eating!

In the US, consumerism more than makes up for what they are lacking in the slavas and double holidays here. People begin shopping and decorating far in advance. Strings of lights are wrapped around trees, bushes, and homes. Windows are decorated with messages wishing all the happiest of holidays.

I remember as a child lots of people, including family members getting their panties in a bunch when they read Xmas written instead of Christmas. It was brought to our attention that the X was historically used as a sign of Christ’s name.

About a month ago, I got a Serbian Bible. Much of the Cyrillic alphabet is similar to the Greek alphabet the New Testament was written in. I was pleased to see what I had heard before about X standing for Christ.   In serbian, and Greek, Christ begins with an “X”. Исус Христос or Jesus Christ is clearly what is written on the page below. (The “a” on the end is gramatical.)

X for ChristThe super nerd that I am loves reading and finding the origins of things. I love showing this to my family, because hearing it is one thing, but having proof in black and white is another. I wish someone had shown me this back in the day. But finding it for myself in my Serbian language was a perk.

Must get back to studying while baby sleeps.

cao y’all


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