Farts and First Snowfalls (or unconventional language learning)

My neighbor’s little 4 year old girl is an ace at finding the songs she likes on youtube. Various versions of Opa Gangnam Style and traditional Serbian kids songs were playing as I chatted with my friend during our last visit.

Then one wintry song came on with picture of Santa Claus or Deda Mraz and Iva began to sing. The song is called Prvi Sneg. Prvi Sneg means first snow. I think it is a popular old winter song here in Serbia. The thing is, little Iva didn’t “hear” Prvi Sneg. To hear little ears the song is Prdi se (SP?) meaning fart. Her mother corrects her, but by now she knows she is wrong, but it is just funny to run around sing Fart fart fart. I mean she’s four years old. Farts are funny at that age in any language.

I had heard the word before and had kept forgetting what the word was, though I don’t say it in either language often. Now, I remember it with no problem. I should have her sing all the words I can’t remember. But then most of them wouldn’t be as amusing.


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