Just a day or two ago, I thought my Aunt back in Ohio was crazy when she asked me about this mountain in Serbia people were flocking to for December 21. I haven’t heard anything about it here in Serbia, no one I know has. But I have seen the mountain. It isn’t far from were we live. Apparently, the American media is making more of a big deal about it than the Serbian news. (No shock there.) Here, I am sure people who believe that are just a bit touched. And who is gonna write about that?
So, this is for my Aunt Mary. I finally know what you were talking about.

They called it Promaja

Proving once again that Serbia can compete with crazy all over the world hundreds of knuckleheads are flocking to hotels around a mystical mountain where they will wait out the Mayan apocalypse on 12-21-12.  Believers of the coming doomsday are heading for Mount Rtnaj in eastern Serbia.  Mount Rtanj is part of the Carpathian chain and has long been the subject of myths.

One old legend says that the mystic peak was home to a wizard guarding a great treasure.  The treasure consisted of rakija and suvo meso and cartons of cigarettes.   A more modern legend attributes the pyramid shape of the mountain to aliens.  These rumors have made the rounds online: On one site, abovetopsecret.com, posters write of mysterious glowing lights and UFOs seen in the sky around the mountain and draw parallels between the peak’s shape and that of the Great Pyramids of Egypt. The theory is that the mountain holds an alien-built…

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