Notice the washers directions are NOT in English

Notice the washers directions are NOT in English

Whites are done at 90 Degrees Celsius. Yes, I did mean celsius. Not Farenheit. That is almost boiling!

Here in Serbia, temps are always in Celsius. I always have to adjust my thoughts from F to C when it comes to temps here, but this weeks heat gauge was for laundry.

I have always noticed the 90 degree setting on the washing machine but never paid any mind until this week when Mama asked me to wash her white clothes at 90 degrees.

Still not translating what that meant, I threw in some of our clothes to make it a complete load. It was only when they came out I was like, What the Starch! The clothes were all hard and crusty feeling. I told the Muz and of course he knew that would happen. And he asked kindly, “Why did you put our clothes in there too?” And said, “Please don’t do that again”. Trust me I won’t!

You may think I am exaggerating. I assure you, I am not. You could injure people with these clothes. No need for a weapon, I wash my clothes at 90. Serbian people here shrug at my shock. “Just Whites”, they say. Still, that is most of the towels! No warm snugly towels here. The towels are like threatening mean bully towels that say things like, “I’ll cut you.”

The laundry shock is still real. I will get over it.

In the future, I may have good use for this knowledge.

I may even threaten the little munchkin when she is bad with this setting when she is older. I will simply ask, Do you want me to wash your clothes at 90?


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