Village trip

We went to the village last week for a change. The Munchkin got a little closer to Grandma and Grandpa and we had a break from the norm.

We did have a few more reasons, Mama and Papa were out of bread and other necessities.

Millie sits with Baba and Deda in the "summer" kitchen in the winder

The Munchkin sits with Baba and Deda in the “summer” kitchen in the winter

Oh, and the chickens needed some food too. We took the chicken feed to the village, and had it ground in a big machine with some corn.

The Muz bought bread and other provisions for the in-laws. All was delivered to the village without delay.

I got to go for one of my nice long walks. I haven’t done this in a while because I am always taking care of the little tot. How exciting to be walking in the snow covered village again. Dreamy!
Old Village Barn

I passed on old farm-house and a delightful old barn. In the farm-house yard, there were a few red roses peeking out of the snow. Taking the photo through the holes in the gate was a little tricky.
Snowy Roses

A working well adorned with traditional clay pottery always makes me smile.I will never get sick of seeing wells that look like they have popped out of a story book and into my life.

Would you make a wish at this well?

Would you make a wish at this well?

A little exploration of the path took me to the back of this old shed. Check out the huge old barrel flanked with corn stalks.
Corn Stalks and a Barrel

I just love exploring and the changing seasons make the same places look new. How I love walking in the village.

More on my frigid walk in my next post!


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