Winter Wonderland

This is what I woke up to this morning, A gorgeoous blanket of snow and laundry (still wet after three days on the line).ImageThe courtyard between the condo buildings snowy white as well as all the cars parked below.

ImagePigeons, golden little finches and other random birds are flying about trying to find a meal. 

It is quieter than normal. The snow is absorbing the sound vibrations that normally bounce of the buildings creating  so much noise. Oh, and it is Sunday. Which is always a bit quieter. 


The town was so peaceful on my early jaunt. I saw two kids being pulled on sleds. They are made of metal. But they look like the really old fashion ones in old stories. 



The church was one of my first stops, it is Sunday after all.



I saw one of my two favorite old cars here. The Renault. 


This old car like, so many others I have seen it wearing a orange caution vest. Just one  ingredient in a mandatory kit all car owners must have in their vehicles in case of emergency. 


If you are pulled over, and the cop finds you don’t have the kit and all it’s important parts… you get a ticket/fine. 

My favorite pic of the day is of a kitty sitting by a mostly frozen canal. 


Today is another lazy day. Grandpa came to visit and brought some fresh smoked meat from a pig he slaughtered this week. He smoked it on his property. It made for a yummy sandwich!

Pumpkin Pies will soon been eaten. Mama gave us some tikva (pumpkin). I am baking the pumpkin now and will make the pies tomorrow. I can’t wait!

Cao for now~



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