Snowy Serbia

Yesterday was a beautiful day with blue skies, yet chilly temps. Today is a completely different story.

I went to the Pijats this morning to get some things. Batteries, butter, a sponge for dishes, a random lot. and then I walked about to take some pics with the camera phone and then get the daily bread. 

It was easier to take pics today. It was late, almost no one was there. I am always intimidated when there are lots of people around. 

These are the few snaps I took there today. 

ImageCheck out the lady with the umbrella. This is always the way it is when it snows. Most folks carry an umbrella to keep the snow of themselves. Did I? nope, just walked around the winter wonderland. I let my hair get wet with falling flakes. No pics of that sight. Sorry.

ImageUmbrella in hand and a few littered coffee stirrers on the ground. 

ImageInto town again, to revisit the same pics with a different look. Here is the snowy church.

Children were all about collecting piles of snow. 

ImageThis is my friend’s little boy, he is just darling!

Lately, I have been seeing children out playing marbles in little paths. Fighting over who’s marble went where and then searching through the grass for marbles gone missing since dusk has come and the light is waning. No children shooting marbles today! It is all about SNOW!

ImageImage Hooray to waking up to snow!


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