Making friends on the Timok

Today I finally got out of the house with my good camera. JOY! I took a walk along the Timok river and enjoyed the blue sky and frigid weather that made my hands numb. 

ImageThe Serbian Flag flapped in the wind.

ImageSt. George’s Church stood beautifully, Basking in the winter sun. 

ImageAnd the Timok River flowed peacefully by.

ImageWithing a very short span there are five bridges crossing the Timok. I have pictures of just two or three.  As I walked, I snapped away at whatever caught my fancy. I even made some new friends. Very fun!


I was taking a pic of the Standard European Union Post ImageBox to write about here for my friends and family to learn a little more about how the EU works, when I was caught camera in hand. I actually stopped if they minded. They didn’t mind at all and even asked me in to the typical gated courtyard for a look at the house. 

 ImageThey had newly renovated the very old house, and it is really beautiful. They have invite me back to chat again soon. Next time, they want me to bring Millie. 🙂

ImageTheir court yard is complete with a lovely back porch, stocked with wood for the winter. They also have a little summer kitchen not pictured and a nice garage. The dog was practically doing flips it was so excited and I had the nicest talk. I didn’t stay long, but it was very nice. I love meeting friendly people.

 ImageI was in for one more treat. This kind gentleman was cutting wood for winter and he let me take his picture. 

ImageMillie and Daddy were waiting so I made my way back home. 


Back by the church and through the town. back to my loves.


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