The Munchkin Roks Monday

The Munchkin is now Nine months old, and I have become a slacker at posting pics. Since this will be something to look back on later, I would like to keep better records. I need to post some pics!!

This Monday morning, I have some sleepyhead pics.

ImageEvery morning when she wakes up and even in the middle of the night if she wakes up, she sits up immediately. Sometimes, she will lay her head on her father or me and then go back to sleep. (Yes, we co-sleep. I recommend it for breast feeding moms.)

This morning she was ready to get up.

ImageBut she was still yawning.

ImageYep, cute as a button. Zlatni (Golden). Slatko (sweet). Tatina devojkitsa (daddy’s little girl!)

ImageOMG! My first Christmas is coming Soon!!!

I am ready! Bring on Santa Clause then Deda Mraz!

(Deda Mraz is Grandpa Frost. He is Sants’s twin, but arrives on December Thirty First.)

Happy Monday! Twenty two days til Christmas!


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