Pavlovic Mast A.K.A. Butt cream

When we arrived in Serbia, Mama had done so much work preparing for our arrival, we didn’t need to get anything. She put up a baby bed, bought formula and diapers, and even a little tub. The latter she was most proud of, it was a hard to find one that fit inside of our tub. (Yep, a tub inside of a tub. Only in Serbia!)

It was relieving after so much stress of moving to come home to our stan and have everything we needed. I do have the best Mother-in-law. She is a wonderful as my mom back home. (Who had done all the same things when we went to visit in FL. Oh, minus the tub in the tub. LOL)
For the record, only one of the mom’s can read this. My Serbian mom, can’t read English, so these compliments are lost on her. No sunshine being blown up anyone’s booty here!

The most exciting find EVA here in Serbia is the baby butt cream! Look out Wanelo*, This is the best product in the world. If you like Burt’s bees almond butter hand cream, You will love this! It is made with much of the same ingredients. The consistency is thick and rich. The smell is the same as Burt’s Bees but less intense.

I am seriously excited about this butt turned hand cream.

Pavlovic (Pavlovich) Mast is sold in pharmacies (or apotekas), as well as made in a pharmacy in a nearby town. There are commercial versions, but the quality is lower. Stick with the original! The one with the red label. It rocks!

The front of the Container says Mast Za Bebe. But it doesn’t really mean, fat for baby as literally translated.

Here in Serbia
Mast = Fat
But really, any cream or salve one may lather on themselves or their babies is call mast. This isn’t fat you are putting on your babies bum, or your hands, if you use it like I do.

Oh, I didn’t mention the price. I think it is just over 300 dinars. That is less thank $4 dollars. Brilliant! I will be using this stuff long after baby is potty trained!

*Wanelo is the like the new pinterest. Wanelo claims to find the best products in the world! We will see. They don’t have this Pavlovic Mast yet!

What did we learn today Kids??
Pavlovic mast makes the best hand cream.
IF you see a name here ending in “ic” it is an itch, not an ik sound.
Apoteka means Pharamcy.
Mast means fat or salve or cream.
Wanelo is the new Pinterest. Sort of.
But I will stick with Pinterest. I don’t need another addiction.


3 thoughts on “Pavlovic Mast A.K.A. Butt cream

  1. The tub in a tub is what we do here too, but I assume your tub there is much more steeper/ deeper than in the states. Mine was in Japan. SO cool that you have everything you need for your baby. Trully an awesome Mother in law.

  2. A friend of mine used to bring back this luscious baby cream from her trips home to Montenegro, it’s probably similar to this one. I would LOVE to find a cream that is comparable! I used it on my face, too! I didn’t break out the whole year I had that jar of cream.

    • Wow Ruby. That sounds wonderful. I will see if I can find any other creams for baby that may be good for the face. This one is very thick, I tried putting on my face. I think it is too thick and greasy. But it is awesome for dry hands! Thanks for reading!!

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