Babies in Serbia

I saw this billboard soon after I arrived. It says, crno na bela. That means black on white. I thought it was about relationships. But it is about fighting employers who don’t want to pay women when they are pregnant.

Women get a years pay without working when they get pregnant and have a child. I think in theory this is wonderful. But for an emaciated country not long before ravaged by war, communism, and they ripped to bits. I find this practice extravagant. How can employers stay in business when they may have to pay for a second person to stay home and another to do the first’s job. I love the idea of the practice. I just cannot see how it is really good for the  country.

But, because the country is experiencing more deaths than births, i e the “white plague”, the country is doing what it can to promote procreation. In some areas, there is monetary compensation. Literally, you get paid to have a baby. WOW.

And when you do have a family. You are treated differently.


On our way up the hill to the police station I saw this and thought, how lovely. I am not usually a fan of the way wires litter the sky view, this was an exception.

We registered with the police within 24 hours of our arrival as is the law. This time it was different. It seems now we have a child we are treated differently. The process went faster than I remember from last time. AND, they told the Muz next time we don’t have to lug the baby out to do this.. so Milan can just bring the paper work and I can stay home with the little one. Babies do make a difference.

This kind of thought was evident at the airport. We arrived with lots of extra baggage. Both of our previous trips we were stopped at customs. This time, Milan asked before we got stopped, “do you want to check our luggage?” They said, “no, babies need lots of stuff.” I was a bit shocked. and relieved.

Meddling Baba’s also become more vocal. I was at pijats and a baba stopped me to tell me to cover the baby. People here are so protective of children. It is a bit much at times.
But for the most part it is just plain kind.


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